Prof. Dr. Bas Denters

Professor of Public Administration, University of Twente, Enschede

Bas Denters (1954) is full professor of Public Governance in the Department of Public Administration. He is scientific director of  the Netherlands Institute for Government (NIG): the KNAW accredited Dutch / Flemish Graduate School for Political Science and Public Administration. Besides he also is program director of the IGS research programme Innovation of governance and scientific advisor of KISS (Expertise Centre for Urban Affairs). KISS is a joint initiative of the Province of Overijssel, the five major urban municipalities in this province, the University of Twente and other regional institutions of higher education, private organisations (from the business community and civil society).    
Bas Denters is managing editor of Bestuurswetenschappen, the oldest Dutch public administration journal and overseas editor of Local Government Studies.
Bas Denters has published on issues of urban governance, citizen involvement and citizens’ initiatives.

Denters, B., & Klok, P. J. (2010). Rebuilding Roombeek: Patterns of Citizen Participation in Urban Governance. Urban Affairs Review, 45(5), 583-607.
Denters, B. (2011). Local Governance. In M. Bevir (Ed.), The SAGE Handbook of Governance (pp. 313-329). London: Sage.
Bakker, J., Denters, B., Oude Vrielink, M., & Klok, P.-J. (2012). Citizens’ Initiatives: How Local Governments Fill their Facilitative Role. Local Government Studies, 38(4), 395-414.
Denters, B., Tonkens, E., Verhoeven, I., & Bakker, J. (2013). Burgers maken hun buurt. Den Haag: Platform 31


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